Why the dogs in ‘Brittany Dog Daycare’ are ugly and gross


Posted June 30, 2018 05:04:13Abrasive dog owners will have their pick of the litter of dogs who have to be petted, fed and even cuddled, as part of the new dog training program in Brisbane.

The Brisbane City Council’s canine development team is currently working with the Dog Day Care Dogs of Australia (DDCDA) on a pilot program to teach dogs how to interact with people.DDCDC has set up a website where anyone can sign up to be a puppy and take a puppy home.

If you want to be involved in the program, you can sign-up online.

Dogs must be older than three years old.

Dog Day Care Dog DayCare Dog DayCaretaker PuppyPuppyPupil PuppyA-Z PuppyGuideDog Daycare has been training dogs since 1999 and has been running a dog training school in Brisbane since 2014.DOG DAYCARE Dogs of Brisbane have trained over 600 dogs to date.ABS-CBN News

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