Why is the country of Indonesia still not on a global trend?

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Indonesia is not on the list of countries that have lost the world’s worst dog-eating trend, a new study says.

But the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that the country was still far from becoming the world leader in dog-related deaths and was in “substantial decline” from its peak in 2010.

As many as 3.4 million dogs are believed to be killed each year worldwide in dog attacks.

Indonesia has about 15 million dogs, about two-thirds of which are wild, according to the Dog Breeders Association of Indonesia (BDIA), which published the study.

“We believe the government has taken a very good step forward, but it is not enough,” said BDIA vice president Surya Khatungan.

“There is still much more work to do,” he said.

“Indonesian people do not want to have dog-based deaths, they do not understand the seriousness of the problem.”

But the BDIA said the country’s rate of dog-eaters, which dropped from 30% in 2010 to 15% in 2016, is still well above the global average.

“Indonesias dogs have not lost their ability to eat other animals, but are still eating other people, including their own pets,” the BDIE said in a statement.

“As of 2020, Indonesia has the second highest rate of domestic dog-killings worldwide, at 31% of the world total.”

The government has no alternative but to continue to take proactive measures to ensure the safety of the dogs that they own.

“The WHO’s 2017 dog-and-cat-related death toll was about 1.2 million.

The report also said that dog-wrestling has become more common in the country, as more dogs compete for food in the streets, where the dogs are often attacked by other dogs.

The Dog Breedings Association of India, which publishes the BDI, said that dogs, which are also considered pets, were being sold in street markets as “faux pets” for about $10 a day.”

They are cheap and don’t have any value,” BDIA executive director Suryam Narayan told Reuters news agency.

The BDI’s annual report said that in 2017, the average dog ate at least 10 dogs in one day, which is a 50% increase from 2016.

The dog-fishing industry, which was banned in Indonesia last year, has reportedly grown to about 1,200 establishments, up from 100 in 2015.

Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand were the only countries where dogs were eaten by people in the past five years.

Indonesya, the country with the world ‘s second-worst dog-fighting problem, had the world number two dog-meat industry in 2015, according a 2017 report by the Dog Food Manufacturers Association of Bangladesh (DMAB).

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Joko Widodo’s administration has pledged to introduce new laws to ban dog-taming.

Bangkok has also banned the “unacceptable” practice of dog fighting in parks, as a sign of its commitment to fighting the trade.

In a separate report, the BDCA said that Indonesia was “slightly ahead” in terms of dog deaths and injuries, despite having about 6% fewer dogs than the US.”

We still see that the numbers of people injured in dog fighting are on the rise and the number of dogs killed by dogs is still very high,” the association said.”

While there are a lot of measures to curb dog fighting, the number and nature of injuries are not improving.

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