Why does this white dog tick on dogs?


The white dog, a fluffy black dog, ticks on dogs in India and the U.S. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), it is believed that it is the result of a mutation of a single gene that causes white dog ticks to attack dogs in humans.

While the mutation is present in most breeds of dog, it is rarer in domestic breeds.

Scientists have been able to identify a mutation in this gene in dogs that makes the dog less likely to bite people.

However, they do not know why this gene is present.

“The mutation has been associated with white dog aggression and it is not known if it is related to its propensity to bite,” the scientists said in a statement.

The researchers, from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University at Buffalo, also said the mutation was likely caused by a gene that controls blood pressure, which could lead to a rise in heart rate.

However in humans, there is no known gene that increases the risk of white dog bites.

The scientists said they had not examined the gene in any dogs and were unsure whether the mutation would affect the dogs’ behavior.

“This study suggests that the white dog is an important source of tick and flea transmission and that it may also be a cause of tick-related deaths in humans,” they wrote.

The study was published online Wednesday (June 24) in Science Advances.

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