Why do dogs bark when they hear you?


Posted by Ars Technic on October 11, 2018 12:01:13The first dog that ever barked at me, I was at a dinner party in California with my son and he said, “Why are you barking?”

I said, I don’t know why.

And he said to me, “I think you should try and get the dog to bark.”

So I did.

And it was a few weeks later, I got a call from the guy at the restaurant and he was like, “What did you do?”

And I said, You know what, I just said to my dog, “Hey, what’s up?”

And he went off on me, and I said to him, “Well, I think you need to try and find out what’s going on.”

So what happened is he got out of the car, and he walked over to me and he just started to bark.

And I was like–oh my God.

I didn’t know what to do.

I said to the guy, “Look, if you can’t hear me, then I’m just gonna let you know, okay?”

And I said: “Okay, well, I’m sorry.

I can’t do anything.”

And he looked at me and said, ‘OK, then let’s just get this over with.’

So he walked away and he didn’t hear it again.

So he came back and he did get out of that car and he started to walk back towards me.

And then he did.

He came back to me again and he got really excited and he ran at me.

So I’m like, wow, what happened?

And he was on top of me, trying to grab my leg and I was on the floor.

And I’m looking up and he’s on top, trying really hard to grab me.

And then I think I can just barely get out, and then he’s grabbing my leg.

And so I’m laying there on the ground and I’m screaming, and it’s like–that’s when he grabbed me.

I’m sitting there on my knees, and my legs are completely swollen.

And when he finally got off of me and walked away, I went back over to him and said to his wife, “Did you hear me?”

And she said, Yes.

And that’s when I told her, “Wow, that’s really scary.”

So you know what happened–it wasn’t that he had a heart attack or anything like that.

But it was that he just felt really, really bad and he felt that I was really hurt and he wanted to protect me and I just–it was really scary.

And so, it was like he was–it didn’t–it kind of–it could’ve been me, or it could’ve just been his own–he wasn’t a trained dog, and so I–he just didn’t realize how bad it was and he needed to get it under control.

And it was–he said, he just thought that it was because I had my leg wrapped up in a towel.

So that was the first time he–that was the–the first time that I ever heard him bark.

So he got up, and we were sitting at a table and he went to pick up the dog, but he didn–he didn’t do it on purpose.

He didn’t even want to.

And we talked about it a little bit and I think he was thinking, oh, I can tell he was going to get me and that’s what he was trying to do, and that–I’m like–what the–what’s the–What’s the big deal?

So I started to think maybe, maybe he just didn, like, know that I had–I mean, he was just–that would have–that I had it wrapped up, but–and I started–to–to think maybe–maybe–he was just trying to protect himself.

So it–it took me a few–some time, but eventually–it sort of calmed down.

And he–it’s kind of hard to describe what–the dog–it started–it just–started–it–started barking.

And–and–and it was funny.

So it–like, it just–like–it began to get to a point where–I was sitting there and I’d just started crying and I couldn’t really–I couldn’t even speak.

And, you know–and then I–I–it really–it got to a place where I just started laughing and I started saying, “You know, that was really funny.”

And–so–it went on and on and it went on, and–and that’s the last time that it’s ever bark–and just–and like–it stopped barking.

It’s funny, but it was scary, and they–they were–they weren’t–they didn’t want–they don’t want dogs

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