Which states are the most liberal?


The blue dog states, and the states that are more likely to be red dog states are states that voted in the last midterm elections that Republicans control, according to a new analysis by Axios.

The analysis shows that blue dog and red dog voters have consistently been divided.

In all states but Washington, D.C., the blue dog vote is in the blue.

The red dog vote, according the analysis, is the state that voted against the Affordable Care Act and Republicans, and that voted for the health care law.

The analysis found that the states with the most blue dog voters are in the Midwest, and in the South.

In states like Ohio, Georgia, Indiana and Florida, the blue dogs vote is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

In states like Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and North Carolina, the red dogs vote has split between Republicans and Democrats.

In some states, the swing states, like Georgia and Alabama, have a blue dog population but a red dog population.

The blue dog state is the most likely to vote Democratic.

In Ohio, in the new analysis, 54% of blue dog votes are in support of Democrats, while 36% are for Republicans.

Only in Texas, where the blue is almost a tie, are the red votes split evenly.

In Florida, where Republicans are leading in the polls, 46% of the state’s blue dog voter support is for Democrats, versus 31% for Republicans, according a Politico poll.

In the red states, support for Democrats is far higher.

In Alabama, the state with the highest percentage of blue dogs, 50% of its voters are Democrats, compared to just 22% for the Republican Party.

In Michigan, where Trump has been winning the state by a wide margin, the Blue Dog state vote is 50% Republican, and 34% Democratic.

The GOP has a large majority of its vote in the state, which has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1976.

The Blue Dog states vote in Trump’s favor in nearly every other state.

In Arizona, the Arizona vote is split evenly between Democrats, and Republicans and independents.

In Arizona, Republicans have a large advantage in the vote, winning nearly 50% to 38% of those voters.

In Texas, Democrats lead in the Blue Dogs vote with 43% to 33%.

In Texas with the biggest percentage of the blue vote, the Lone Star State has the most conservative voting history.

Only 16% of voters have voted in support or opposition of the GOP, according for the study.

In other states, it’s more common for voters to support the GOP.

In Iowa, the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has the lowest percentage of voters who support the Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders.

In the 2016 elections, the most recent year for which data is available, 42% of Iowa voters supported Clinton, versus 35% who backed Sanders.

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