Which dog breeds are the most popular?


This week, we’re looking at the most beloved breeds in the UK.

Some are very popular, others are less popular and still more popular than some other breeds, but what makes a dog popular?

We asked our readers to pick the top 10 dog breeds for their own dog, then asked them to pick their favorite breeds to meet their personal dog needs.

The answer to this question is: dogs with great personalities are a big part of our lives.

If you have a great dog, you’ll likely have a happier and more relaxed life and you’ll have more fun.

A dog with a strong personality is likely to have the best relationship with its owner.

It’s also more likely to be social and happy with its human companions.

We’ve included links to our previous articles on the top dog breeds in our dog-finding guides, so you can easily jump straight to the top picks.

chow chow dog hound dog husky dog

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