Which breeds are most likely to get you into trouble with the law?


More than a million people have signed a petition calling for the removal of dogs from the National Park Service.

They say they are suffering from allergies to dog feces and are in danger of being killed for their loyalty to the National Parks.

A national poll of 2,000 people conducted by YouGov found that 42% of people have allergies to dogs.

The pollsters said that, in a country where people are expected to behave in such a way as to protect the environment, it’s understandable that people feel threatened by the threat of being arrested or killed for exercising their right to own and feed a dog.

The petition calls on the Department of the Interior to “remove dogs from National Parks.”

It says that “dog bites and dog deaths are on the rise and, as such, dogs should be allowed in National Parks for safety reasons.”

The petition is also asking the Secretary of the Department to review dog policies and training to ensure that they are based on science.

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