When you say, “My dog can do this!”, the rest of us will listen


When I was a kid, my best friend’s father was a dog trainer, and I remember him telling us how much fun it was to walk around with a dog that you could control, that he knew how to train, that if you wanted to be a dog person, you’d have to work at it.

It was something I had always wanted to do, and so I made it my career goal to become a dog-handler.

I had my first dog with him, and since then, I’ve had a lot of success.

When I started working with dogs, I had to put in a lot more work.

I was spending a lot less time with the dog.

It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I started to realize the impact of working with a canine partner, and that was a huge turning point.

I think that I would still be working with the same dog if I wasn’t a dog handler.

It’s one thing to spend a lot time with a person, but when you’re working with them, you’re also doing something with them.

I know what it feels like to be able to talk with my dog, and it’s an experience that is a joy.

It’s hard to imagine how that changed my life.

As I got older, I began to realize that if I didn’t have a relationship with a trained dog, then I wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to my career.

I began making decisions that would make me a better dog person in my 20s.

My career would be impacted negatively by not having the time I need to train and be a good dog person.

I know it’s easy to make excuses for why you can’t do it, but if you can, work harder at it, and if you are successful, it will make you happier.

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