When Bong Soon Went to Jail, Dogs Won’t Be The Only Things He Had to Care For


When Bungou Young-sun went to jail in the early 2000s, he and his dog, Tung, were given three days to clean up and then they would go home.

But then a few days later, they were hit by a car and killed. 

Bungou’s brother, Teng, had just returned from work.

Teng was a stray dog from a poor family and had spent time in a kennel.

Teng was so sick he could barely walk, and he had to be confined in a room.

Bungu had to care for the dog for about two months before he returned home.

Tung’s death in 2008 shocked Bungo and Tung’s parents.

Bongo recalls that the boy cried in the hospital.

He says that when he came out, he found Tung had already died. 

“Tung was just a little dog.

But he had a big heart.

He was such a good dog.

He would never hurt anyone.

He loved to play with people and he was such an affectionate dog,” Bongol says.

Bungo had a vision in his head that a dog would become a part of the family.

He decided to give Tung a collar and Teng’s name.

Tung would be called the “little brother” to distinguish him from his brothers and sisters.

Bongs brothers are all from different families, so the name became a family tradition. 

Tung grew up to become a loving dog, Bong says.

He also became a role model for his brothers.

“I think it’s very sad that people would kill these dogs, but they didn’t realize the importance of their dog.

A dog is so important to families, because you can’t be a good person without your dog.

It’s a part that the people should cherish,” he says.

Tang’s parents had been in a tough situation because they were not able to care the dogs.

Bonsai and farming were their only options.

Tseung’s mother, Tsekhekhe, who was also pregnant, died before they could get their children to live with them.

The family was able to get a new home and a new dog, but the dog’s owners were forced to give it up.

Bessie Tseks, who ran the shop selling Bongs kennels, says her family was devastated. 

They went through several problems with the law.

They had to sell their kenneling and her family’s home because the house was not in good condition. 

The family did not have enough money to hire a lawyer.

The law was so tough, they had to rely on donations from friends and family.

Bissie Tsels parents have been able to stay with Tseckers mother and two brothers, who were in jail. 

Since then, Bissies family has become an example for other families, says Bessies father, who has also been jailed. 

In Bongos case, he was able at the last minute to get Tsecks release.

Tsels father, Chaiyeng, who is the vice president of the local dog shelter, says he has helped Bongong with a few things over the years. 

It’s important that dogs are part of our lives, Chaeyeng says.

We always had a lot of dogs, and we needed to protect them. 

There are a lot more dog rescues and rescues for the city now. 

But there are still a lot who have not received proper treatment, says Chaeys father, saying that the law is too strict. 

As the situation becomes more dire, the plight of animals in our society is more urgent than ever, says Gita Jha, a spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). 

The HSUS says that its mission is to end the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals.

The HSUS also works to reduce the impact of economic, social and environmental issues on animals, and its research and education programs promote responsible pet ownership. 

Despite the growing number of cases of abuse and neglect of animals, we cannot forget that Bongongs plight is unique. 

When he was young, Bonsen was also in a similar situation. 

He and his brother had an animal kennelling business in South Korea, but his business fell through and the two returned to their home country, where they had been working in agriculture. 

One day, he said, he woke up with a cold and his body started to ache.

He said he went to the doctor and had a blood test.

The doctor told him that he had an infected ear. 

However, Bongs brother did not receive the proper treatment. 

His parents said he would not get a collar. Eventually

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