What’s the best dog breed? The smartest dog breed


The smart, healthy, well-balanced dog breeds of Australia are all worth a look.

They’re often used as a comparison when buying dog food.

They are not only healthy and well-bred, they also tend to be easier to train, socialise with and love to eat. 

So, here are the top 10 smartest dogs in Australia.


Watala Dog, NSW Watanala Dog was first described in 1884 and named after the Aboriginal hunter who first spotted it.

The Watanala breed is the result of an evolution of the Australian Cattle Dog (also known as the Watanah), which is a large dog with a powerful upper jaw and a long muzzle.

It has an elongated head and is often used for hunting and defence, but it is also a good companion.


Aussie Canine, WA Australian Canine is a breed that has evolved over time to adapt to a range of habitats, including desert and desert-like environments.

It is a cross between the Tasmanian Mastiff and the Northern Canine.

In some parts of the country, it is often mistaken for the Doberman Pinscher.


Dachshund, WA Dichshund is a small, energetic dog that is also known as a cross of the English Bulldog and the Australian Bulldog.

Dachs and dachshonds are a crossbreed of the common dachs dog, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Scottish Terrier, which has developed over the centuries.

They share the genetic background of both dogs, and can be found throughout Western Australia.

The dachdog is a popular breed and enjoys an active lifestyle.


Labrador Retriever, SA Labradors are an Australian breed of dog, and one of the most popular breeds in the country.

They can be classified into two groups.

They have a long, straight-legged appearance with strong eyes and an expressive face, and are also known for their playful nature.

The other group are the long-haired and short-haired, which are sometimes called the Labradors of Asia. 


Beagle, SA The Beagle is an Australian shepherd dog that can be a mix of both the Labrador and the English Staffordshire Terrier.

It has a wide, muscular body and strong, short ears.

It also has the best balance of intelligence among dogs.


Canis familiaris, SA A family of dogs that can grow to over 300 kilograms and are generally small and very agile. 

The Canis familiar is a type of dog known for its high energy level.


Borzoi, SA Borzoi is a dog with long, stout ears and long, thick coats.

It can be described as a high energy breed that can reach heights of up to 80 metres (260ft). 

The Borzois have a great sense of smell, and also great memory.

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Corgi, NSW The Australian Corgi is one of only a handful of dogs in the world that can hunt, swim, hunt and climb.

They live in Australia’s tropical regions, and like the other dogs, they are very intelligent. 

They have a strong sense of instinct and love for their family. 


Golden Retrivers, NSW The Golden Retriver is a hybrid between the Australian Greyhound and the British Shorthaired Pointer. 

It is a medium-sized dog that has a long-slim, muscular face and a wide chest.

It tends to be a bit aggressive when challenged and is also quite affectionate. 

Source: BBC News: BBC: News and Features 5-. 

Basset Hound, WA Basset Hounds are a large, heavy-set dog that have a powerful lower jaw.

They also have strong eyesight and are known for hunting. 

Basses are also excellent dogs for training, and the Basset Hound is a good choice for anyone wanting a great companion. 


German Shepherd, WA A German Shepherd is a mixed breed of two breeds, the German Shepherd and the German shepherds. 

 They share many of the same characteristics and are both known for being very loyal, intelligent, gentle and obedient. 


Golden Retrievers, WA Golden Retrieves are a medium size dog with medium-length hair, small ears and an aggressive temperament. 

Their main trait is a powerful, long-legged body. 


Shih Tzu, China Shichu is a traditional Chinese dog that originated in Shijiazhuang, a city in Liaoning province. 

Its distinctive red, white and blue coat gives

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