Watchdog calls out dog meat suppliers, says dog meat isn’t animal cruelty


WATCHDOG SENTENCE: A judge on Monday sentenced a man to life in prison for murdering his dog and feeding it dog meat.

The judge said the meat was not a violation of animal cruelty laws. 

The judge’s ruling comes just a few days after a federal judge sentenced a Florida man to 25 years in prison over the death of his dog, Lori.

The dog’s death, the result of Loretta Hernandez’s refusal to give up her dog for adoption, shocked the nation. 

Lorrie was taken to a veterinarian for surgery after he bit his hand.

He died five months later in a hospital. 

Hensley Hernandez was convicted of killing his dog Loretta and feeding her dog meat in March of 2016.

Hernandez told police he kept the dog because he thought it would be a good dog companion. 

He said he believed it would help him maintain a good relationship with his wife. 

But in a letter to the judge, Hernandez said he didn’t intend to hurt his dog. 

“It was a decision I made to keep her alive and to keep our family together,” Hernandez wrote.

“It was never my intent to harm her.

I am a responsible man.

I will not allow this to become a burden on my family.” 

Hospital workers were initially hesitant to take Loretta’s body, but a local hospital director said she eventually gave birth to a litter of puppies. 

In June of this year, Hernandez told the judge he wanted to bury the dog and donate the meat to the local animal shelter.

Hernandez’s attorney, David Brown, said the dog’s meat wasn’t animal abuse.

“Lorettas death was not the result that you thought it was,” Brown told the court.

“Loreita’s death was a horrific tragedy that has been compounded by her suffering.” 

The case is being handled by the Southern District of Florida’s Animal Cruelty Trial Division.

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