‘Wanna go dog’ – A dog’s guide to a new dog breed


Dog lovers and breeders around the world have found new ways to make their dogs unique, and there’s a growing community of breeders who have found themselves at the centre of an online controversy over the use of the dog as a ‘puppy killer’.

“I’ve seen it on TV, people have used it as a dog food,” said John Hodge, a retired nurse who is the co-founder of the National Dog Association of Canada.

“The problem is that it’s a dog, so they are using it for their own pet and not for the people they’re feeding it to.”

It’s a contentious issue for dog lovers, breeders and breed standards experts, who all say they’re unsure how dog owners will feel about their new pet.

“We all know that dogs are capable of great things, but it’s really about who is feeding it the right way and not what it’s being fed,” said Hodge.

“People are really wary of having dogs as pets and we’ve seen some dog owners resort to feeding dogs raw, and even eating them alive.”

The controversy began in the UK in 2010 when a British TV programme aired an episode of the popular TV show “Dog Whisperer”.

It featured a dog owner in a video claiming he had adopted the dog from a shelter and had been “scammed” by the dog’s breeder.

He said the breeder would “buy” the dog at a later date for a much cheaper price and the dog would be his “puppie”.

“I’m not sure I’d go and do that,” he said in the video.

“I’d prefer a purebred dog to be bred for purebred reasons.”

The dog was not the only dog in the dog-breeding business.

“There’s a huge amount of dogs that are bred for breeding purposes, and that’s just not fair,” said Heather Gurney, an animal behaviourist and professor at the University of Manitoba.

“You get a lot of dogs bred for different purposes and then you have the other breeders, and they’re not happy with that.”

Hodge said he was shocked when he saw the footage, which had been viewed more than 1.2 million times by Monday morning.

“It’s a really strange situation, and I don’t think it’s fair at all to breed dogs for something they can’t use for their purpose,” he added.

Hodge has since posted a video of himself standing next to the dog and sharing his concerns.

The debate was fuelled by a tweet from the @matthegurney Twitter account, which claimed to be from “a Canadian man with a dog”. “

I think people should just get over it.”

The debate was fuelled by a tweet from the @matthegurney Twitter account, which claimed to be from “a Canadian man with a dog”.

Hodge responded to the post with a photo of his dog, which showed it being fed with a bowl of cereal.

“A bowl of cereals for a dog?” the account wrote.

“That’s pretty sweet,” Hodge replied.

“Not everyone is so nice.

People should be just like that.”

The video also featured an interview with the show’s host Matt Gurnney, who said he had seen the footage but did not have the dog.

“He’s obviously not a dog breeder, so he’s not feeding the dog the right food,” Gurnsey said.

“In fact, I’ve never seen a breeder who has.

I think there’s something wrong with the way they’re going about it.”

In an interview Monday with CBC News, Gurnay said the controversy has affected his ability to breed his own dog.

Huddle said he does not believe he has been duped by the show.

“What I can tell you is that I’ve been able to breed my own dog,” he told CBC.

“So I have a dog.

It’s all been a great experience.”

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