Tokyo’s new “Dog Gate” hotel, dog-themed entertainment venue, and more

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Tokyo has made the largest-ever investment in a new “dog gate” hotel.

The hotel, which is being built in the western suburbs of the city, will feature a dog-friendly restaurant, an outdoor pool area, a play area, and an indoor sauna, among other amenities.

Built in collaboration with Tokyo Dog Co., the new Dog Gate Hotel will open in 2018.

The Hotel, which opened in March, will offer two rooms for a combined price of about ¥1.2 million.

The property, which will be located in the upscale shopping district of Shinjuku, is a bit of a surprise for Tokyo, which has been trying to get its dog-loving image up to snuff.

The city has tried to lure in more tourists to its Dog Gate hotels, but many locals don’t like the dogs, and have protested the hotel’s opening.

In February, a group of residents in Tokyo’s northern city of Fukuoka, who oppose the Dog Gate project, staged a protest outside the hotel, and the hotel was closed for a few days.

The group also staged a similar protest at the entrance to the Japanese version of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in California.

A few weeks later, a new dog-specific restaurant was opened in the city’s western suburbs.

A second hotel has been announced for next year.

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