Teddy bear and dog in ‘Hollywood’ photo


Teddy bears and dogs have been cropping up in the films of Steven Spielberg and John Hughes, but this may be their first encounter with a human.

The images have appeared on Instagram, where they show a couple dressed as actors posing for photos with the furry animals. 

The couple appear to be posing for the photos with their dogs, which can be seen running around with them.

They have captioned the images: ‘The Hollywood Teddy Bear and the Hollywood Dog…

We love to play with your pets, too!

And that’s why we decided to have a Teddy Bear Party.

So join us for a fun and family-friendly day at the Hollywood Teddy Bears.

Teddy Bear & Dog’  The caption states that they ‘wanted to share our passion with everyone and give everyone something special’.

In a post on Facebook, the couple wrote: ‘We love playing with your animals, too.

And that is why we went on a Teddy Bears Party!

And we are so glad that you have joined us!

The Hollywood Teddy Dogs and the Hollywood Teddy Bear are very much like family!

We hope you all had a wonderful day!”

They’re very much at ease,’ a friend wrote on Instagram.’

It’s a family we all feel so lucky to have together.

Teddy bears are a lot of fun to play, they are so smart and they love to be in the sun.’

And the Hollywood dogs are so friendly, so friendly and friendly to each other and they are the perfect companions.’

teddy bear dog

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