Portugal’s dog years: A dog’s story

A Portuguese water dog (Portuguese Water Dog) has a name that translates to “a golden retriever”.It has a long history of bringing joy and happiness to the people of the island of Portugal, which is also home to some of the world’s most renowned museums.In the past five years, a dog named Pia has been


Why the Dutch are the world’s most dog lovers

Dutch people are known for their love of dog food, and it’s no secret that the country’s dog owners have been a staple of Dutch culture for centuries.And with a thriving pet-food industry, it’s only natural that they would love the latest breed of dog-friendly food.“The Dutch are one of the most dog-lover countries in


How to train a water dog

Portuguese Water Dogs have always been a favorite of mine, and they have been one of the main reasons I began writing my first book, How to Train a Water Dog.Now, with this latest update, we are pleased to share with you our newest training book, the Portuguese Water Dog Book.