Dog Day afternoon: The dog meme goes viral

Dog day afternoon: The dog meme goes viral. The meme is a popular meme of dog lovers around the world. Some dogs enjoy the attention and enjoy having their photo taken with the meme. A photo of a dog with the memes caption is widely shared and is often used by dog owners as a source of inspiration. People post dog

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How to name a black dog

Dog ears have become an obsession for the pet lovers of New York.Many owners of these sweet, wagging black dogs will have to invent new names for their pets.But, it’s not only the name that can be a challenge.The breed is also a matter of style and appearance.Here’s a look at the 10 most popular


Which mountain dog breeds have the best allergies?

Mountain dogs, like dogs, are known for their high sensitivity to allergens and allergies.While they have a hard time being allergic to everything, they have an even harder time dealing with a wide range of things, such as heat, dust, water and even some dust particles.Al Jazeera’s Sarah Meer reports from the Canadian border.