Portugal’s dog years: A dog’s story


A Portuguese water dog (Portuguese Water Dog) has a name that translates to “a golden retriever”.

It has a long history of bringing joy and happiness to the people of the island of Portugal, which is also home to some of the world’s most renowned museums.

In the past five years, a dog named Pia has been roaming the streets of the city of Lagoa do Norte in Portugal.

Pia was adopted by the mayor, Bruno Semedo, in 2014.

“We wanted to give her a home where she would have the best life possible and to make her a good companion for the people,” said Semedos.

The dog is named after the city’s Pia de Pia, the name of the dog that rescued him from the sea in the 1960s.

“Pia has a lot of friends, a great personality and loves people,” he said.

A new city In 2016, Bruno’s wife, Eva, took Pia on a new journey.

“She was brought up in Lisbon, so she is very fond of people,” Bruno said.

“In Lagoaa do Nortes new city, we brought Pia in and the mayor gave her a house with a kitchen, a bath and two bathrooms,” he added.

“But the most important thing is that she has her own space, so Pia can be happy and calm.”

“She is very shy and timid, so we do everything in her favour,” Bruno continued.

“The only thing we can do is to give Pia a chance to be independent, to be a dog, to live her life, as she loves to do.”

In 2018, Pia went on a journey of a lifetime, starting with the city she had just left.

“I was very nervous.

We didn’t know where to take her, but the city has the most beautiful buildings,” Bruno explained.

“At first, she was scared, but now she is so happy.”

“When we take her home, we don’t leave her alone, so the whole family can see how happy she is,” Bruno added.

Piacas journey took them to the city where he was born and where his father was the mayor.

“They are the best of the best,” Bruno concluded.

“He is a very brave dog, he can be very aggressive, but we trust him.”

Pia’s story continues Pia will have a new home for a while yet.

“Next year, she will be going to the new city of Riau and then she will go to the university,” Bruno admitted.

“If she goes to the academy, she should be able to go there to study,” he concluded.

The next few months will be busy for Pia and Bruno.

“This dog has a very good personality and a very bright future,” Bruno told the Guardian.

“So she has a great chance to make a big impact in the world.

I can’t wait.”

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