The Best of Walter the Dog’s Life

Dog Clippers owner Walter the dog is getting his own series of books to help his pet recover from the devastating dog bite.Walter, who was rescued in 2010, has since become the voice of the underdog.The books, to be published by Penguin Random House, will feature his memories, along with anecdotes from the community and


How to Make the BEST Dog Food at Home

You don’t have to buy fancy dog food to enjoy the best dog food available at the grocery store.But you should definitely try a few of the dog foods that have been proven to be the most popular and nutritious dog food.Here are 10 of the best.1.Dose and Size: Dose is the easiest way to


How to keep your dog safe in the home

Posted by Wired on Monday, January 28, 2019 12:13:20Dog cage: This simple solution keeps pets out of your home and out of the yard when it’s not needed.But the cage’s usefulness has long been debated.And there’s no evidence to suggest that keeping pets inside the cage helps prevent them from biting.The question is whether you


What to do when you’ve lost a dog

A dog owner has lost a pet and is now looking for the owner.But how do you tell the difference between a good dog and a bad dog?If you’ve just lost your dog, you might be tempted to assume the bad dog is the worst thing to have.But there’s a difference between good and bad