Kangal dog captured on camera in Queensland


Posted October 20, 2018 09:31:34 An aggressive dog that was captured on video and uploaded to the Internet last week has been shot and killed.

The footage, shot on November 14 in Queensland, shows the Kangal Dog biting the legs of a woman as she drives down a rural road in Queensland.

The video, which was captured by a motorist, shows a man holding the dog by the collar and dragging it by its hind legs.

The woman can be seen getting out of her car and walking towards the man.

She was carrying a dog crate and a dog bowl, and the man is seen walking away.

The dog is eventually shot by a police dog unit and killed by a bullet.

The man is now facing charges of animal cruelty, while the woman is also facing animal cruelty charges.

Police say the dog had been in the family for about two years and the woman had been walking the dog on a leash, with her dog bowl attached to the front of her purse.

They say the woman told officers the dog attacked her, and she grabbed her dog crate.

She then told them she was afraid of the dog.

The Kangal has been named after the Australian state’s capital, Kangaroo Island.


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