‘I’m just glad I’m alive’: Dog backpack owner shares her story of surviving the attack


A dog backpack owner in Washington state is sharing her story about surviving the attacks that nearly took her life.

The incident began on a cold morning in early April when a dog was seen wandering through the streets in the Seattle suburb of Lynden.

According to police, a woman called 911 to report that a dog had been running in the neighborhood.

The caller said she believed the dog was a pit bull mix and that she and her husband had brought it into the house.

The caller told the dispatcher that she had gone to the couple’s house to retrieve the dog.

She said she was able to grab the dog and pull it inside the house when the woman’s husband, who had been inside, confronted the dog with a knife.

The woman and her dog were separated and the dog left the house to return home, according to police.

The dog, who has since been euthanized, was found hiding in the bathroom of the woman and was taken into police custody.

According for police, the woman was able hold onto the dog as the man held onto the kitchen knife and fought with the dog, with the man eventually stabbing him in the stomach.

The man and his wife were taken to the hospital, where the woman said she feared the dog would attack her again.

Police say the dog’s owner was able pull the man’s weapon from his waistband and fight off the attack.

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