How to tell if your dog has hookworms in its stomach


The worms in dogs’ stomachs are the result of an infection that’s spread through the digestive system.

In a new study, researchers have discovered the exact location of the worms.

The worms can be found in the digestive tract in the stomach and intestines.

These worms are known as cryptosporidium and they can also be found under the skin of dogs.

Read more: New research from researchers at Harvard Medical School suggests that hookworms are present in dogs as early as six months of age, and that they can be transmitted to humans through close contact.

According to the Harvard Medical study, hookworms were found in nearly 60% of dogs tested.

The most common hookworm strains were E. coli, C. difficile, and C. jejuni.

The study also found that the bacteria were more common in dogs with more frequent or more severe illnesses.

The research was published online by the journal PLOS ONE.

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