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The word alpha means “above.”

That’s the name a dog that you may be raising in your backyard.

But don’t use that name just to refer to a dog; dogs with an alpha or superior name are more dominant and territorial.

In fact, the Alpha dog is often the name of a dominant dog.

But the word alpha is used as a term of endearment to dogs.

Alpha dogs are loyal and loyal dogs, but also loyal dogs who have a lot of energy and playfulness.

If you’re naming your dog Alpha, be sure to use the name in a positive way.

“If you’re using the name Alpha, you’re saying, ‘Here are some of the characteristics of an alpha dog.

If I can teach that to you, I’ll be happy to teach it to other dogs,'” said Kristina Dominguez, author of The Dog Whisperer’s Handbook.

“It’s a name that conveys a sense of trust.”

Here are some more tips to choose from when choosing a name for your dog.

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