How to name your dog after a famous actor

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The new season of True Detective has been a huge success, but one of the first episodes to be aired in English wasn’t entirely your typical drama.

Havanese dog.

There are so many ways to name a dog, from the English words for a cat, to the Spanish words for “budgie” and “cocker.”

But the original show’s creator and creator of the show, Nic Pizzolatto, thought that a dog’s name was more appropriate.

In an interview with the New York Times, he said he was inspired by the famous dog, the German Shepherd, named after the famed German poet Karl Friedrich Wilhelm von Hildegard von Bingen, who was a master of animal behaviour.

“And I thought, why not have a dog named after someone that we’ve all read about?,” Pizzo said.

But Pizzóllatto didn’t know that the Havanese Dog, a breed that was well known to the German language and culture, was also the name of the dog of the famed Austrian playwright, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Bach wrote of a young woman named Eva, who died in 1844 at the age of 20 after being attacked by a dog.

She had been taken to the farm by her stepmother and the dog attacked her.

Bach later wrote: “Eva was the one that I would always be able to turn to, for advice on my life and my work.”

“Havansees” became a name for the dog that was adopted by the Pizzos, who wanted to give the dog a more recognizable name.

And so the name was chosen.

Pizzolas wife, actress Lola Cara, adopted the Havans name, and they decided to rename their dog, Havan, after Bach’s famous dog.

And the dog did get some recognition.

Pizzóls show, “The Havanseese Dog,” premiered on PBS in September.

The show has been praised for its depth of character and depth of thought, and its portrayal of the complexities of human relationships, especially the relationship between father and son.

But it was not always the HAVANSEES of Bach.

Bach was a prolific writer of poetry, and he also wrote operas and plays.

And Bach’s dog, named Havan (which means “dog of the forest”), is now known as a legend in Austria.

What are some other names for dogs?

There are many names for pets in the German, Austro-Hungarian and other dialects.

There are also a few common German and Austro Saxon names for cats, including: Havan, or “dog” (the German word for “cat”), Haus, or the French word for cat (the name translates to “cat of the wild”).

Havan and Haus are common in the Austro and German dialects, but in the English-speaking world they are sometimes referred to as Havan.

The name Havan has become a popular dog name in Europe.

Another popular dog’s breed name in the United States is the Haskin.

More popular is the dog name Haver.

It is derived from the Haus family, meaning “wild cat.”

Haver is a name that is popular in the U.K., but is rarely used in the rest of the world.

The word Haver can mean “hippy,” “happy,” “lover” or “honey pot.”

The American dog name for cats is the hound, and it is used for both domestic cats and feral cats.

The name Haskins is the German word “Haus.”

Havan is the name for dogs that are bred to be very gentle, loving and affectionate.

And in the American dog world, Havants are among the most popular breeds of dogs.

And there are a few more popular names for these breeds, including the dog named Haver, the Haver Hound, and the havanna, or dog of hounds.

But there are many other names that are less popular in some countries than they are in others.

In the United Kingdom, the name Havanna is a popular nickname for dogs and cats.

According to the BBC, in the North of England, it is the French name for a dog called a havan, and in Scotland, the dog is called Havann.

When dogs first started to be domesticated, there were many different names for them.

One of the most common of these is called the Hovan.

So what does this mean?

If you have a puppy, there’s a good chance that it will be called a Hovan because the name is derived directly from the dog’s parent’s name.

For example, the English name for Havan is “Havan,” and the German name for dog is “Gewehr

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