How to name a dog in foster care


Dogue de Bordeaux is a male French breed of dog, and its name is an acronym for “Dogs of the Bordeau”.

It is one of a number of French breed names that have gained popularity in the US, including Chippendale, Dogue De Chateau, and Chippewa.

It comes from the French word for “bordeaux” which, according to Wikipedia, is “the most famous breed of dogs in France”.

The term is also used in the UK, where “Dogue de Chateaux” is used to refer to the chinchilla dog, according the BBC.

“It was the French who introduced the term ‘Dogue’, and they were quite proud of it,” explained David MacPherson, the founder of dog breeders The Dog Project.

“You can say it’s a bit of a pun.

We love that.

It’s a pun, but also a very good description.”

A dog named Dogue is one name that is popular in the United States, as it has the same spelling as a popular breed of Australian sheepdog.

In France, dogs are often referred to by their given names.

Dogs with names derived from animals, or animals with names that reference animals, are commonly referred to as “pet dogs” in France, MacPhersson said.

This can include a name for a “lion-like” or “dog-like creature” or a dog named after an animal that is believed to have a great resemblance to a tiger.

“The dogs have a lot of respect for animals, and they’re very much loyal to their people, which is very interesting to me,” MacPersson said, adding that the dog breeds that he works with are not typically known for being loyal, but rather being friendly and playful.

“Dogs are very different from people in the world of pets.

They’re not like dogs with human names,” he said.

In the UK and US, a dog called Dogue means “dog of the blue sky” and was coined in the early 19th century.

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