How to keep a pet healthy after they get hit by a car


Dog owners have had their own battle with the effects of driving on pets in recent years, but it is increasingly becoming a problem in Europe as well.

The average annual death rate among dogs hit by cars in Europe last year was around 10 per 100,000, according to the European Pet Insurance Agency (EPIA).

The figures were up from around 7 per 100 a decade ago.

A dog owner who suffered a car accident was likely to live for six months or longer, and the risk of death was increased if the driver was also a dog owner.

There is no doubt that a dog’s life can be ruined by a crash, but the danger of losing a pet in a crash can be even greater.

According to the dog owner, the damage to the pet’s health is also often worse than the damage caused by the car.

This can include an infection or death, as well as a loss of appetite, fatigue, or pain in the affected limb.

The damage is particularly bad in cases where the dog is in a particularly vulnerable state, such as being a dog that can only be cared for in a carrier.

The dog owner is not alone in worrying about the health of their pet.

A survey by the Veterinary Council of Europe (VCEO) last year showed that only 16 per cent of people in the UK and Ireland had pets who died after a collision.

According the UK Veterinary Association, this is a much lower rate than the European average of 29 per cent.

The veterinary association says that if a dog dies, its owners have a duty to do everything possible to get their pet back, but that the veterinary profession can’t be too careful.

They recommend that people keep their pets on a leash or tethered on a harness, and that they don’t leave their pets unattended in a vehicle.

“The first priority should be to keep the dog in the car as much as possible,” says Dr Caroline Friel, the VCEO’s UK director of policy and advocacy.

“But it’s important to be aware of how to care for the dog.

It’s important that the owner knows how to protect the dog and what the owner is responsible for when things go wrong.”

If you are worried about your pet’s future, talk to your vet and see how they can help.

This article originally appeared on Al Jazeera’s website.

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