How to avoid dog nail trim on a hot day


You can cut a dog’s nails using a nail polish remover.

And you can even get the dog nail remover without touching a dog.

A video posted on YouTube by dog nail trimmers and trimmers shows the procedure in action.

The dogs’ nails are trimmed using a pair of scissors.

The dogs are then held on their hind legs and their ears are pulled.

They are then allowed to lie on their backs and the nails are cut with a nail removers sharp blade.

The dogs are shown lying on their back, legs and ears, as they lie on the floor.

They are then let go and a nail trim is applied.

The trim is placed onto the dog’s nose.

The dog is allowed to rest while the trim is being applied.

After the trim has been applied, the dog is then allowed the time to rest and is allowed another few minutes to digest the nail trim.

Once the dog has recovered from the pain, they are allowed to leave the house.

The video ends with the dog walking off in the direction of the camera.

Here’s a quick rundown of the process:

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