How do I name my pet?


I named mine Diggs after my grandmother who used to say, “The little guy is mine.”

The word for the dog’s head is Diggs, so Diggs is a nod to her.

I called Diggs the Smile Dog, the Pomeranian, because I love the Poms, and because I have three Poms.

As you might expect, I also gave my pup some love.

I named him “Cobra,” after the Cobra logo.

I have a lot of other Poms around, and I wanted to make sure the dog had a little bit of something to say.

I also got to choose a pet name.

My son, Zach, said, “Diggs would be perfect for a dog who doesn’t like to be called,” so I named her Coco.

Diggs loves to be with Coco and loves her company, so I’m not sure what to do with the other three Pops.

A few weeks ago, Diggs decided to go on a walk, and when he returned, Coco had already been playing in the yard.

She jumped on Diggs and went on a short walk around the yard and the yard in front of Coco.

She started jumping on the dog, and the dog was all, “Coco’s back!”

Diggs then jumped on Coco and let out a long, low, soft scream.

Coco then jumped up and down.

She got all excited and jumped on her own.

She went up on Diggles neck and held him tightly.

I was very happy to see Coco go on her walk.

She was also the first dog to jump on Ditties back when Coco was very young.

She’s a pretty good pet, and she’s not afraid to go anywhere with Diggs.

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