Dogs ‘drowning’ in sea, drowning in sea of debris


Hundreds of dogs were rescued from a fishing boat that capsized in the sea off the coast of China’s Guangdong province, according to the Dog and Bird Rescue Society, a group that has rescued hundreds of dogs from fishing boats in recent years.

“They’re drowning,” said the group’s spokesman, Wang Zhuo, adding that the rescue operation took place near the island of Qingdao in the southern province of Guangdongs Hubei.

“We had to rescue them from the water.

The boats were carrying hundreds of fish.

Some were dead, some were drowning.”

Wang said the rescue mission had involved hundreds of rescuers.

The rescue took place in the early hours of Sunday, with a number of rescue vessels, including a Chinese navy ship, taking part.

Wang said a rescue team had managed to pull out six dogs, one of which had drowned.

A rescue vessel also found more than 300 tons of debris, including an inflatable boat, which had capsized.

The Chinese government has been criticised in recent months for its poor response to the dog-drownings.

The government is considering increasing the punishment for dog drowning from one year to five years in jail.

The Guangdings rescue efforts have raised concern about the increasing number of deaths of dogs and the widespread impact of fishing on the region’s marine environment.

The number of rescues in Guangdows region has risen from fewer than 100 in 2013 to more than 2,200 in 2016, according the Dog & Bird Rescue society.

The dog-deaths have been reported by the Dog Rescue Society and other rescuers, and the number of dogs rescued by rescue efforts has been increasing, Wang said.

“More than 300 dogs are rescued every year,” Wang said, adding he did not know how many of the rescued dogs had been rehomed or adopted.

China has a long history of environmental disasters and has taken a harsh stance against pollution and human-induced climate change.

However, recent events such as the dog deaths in Qingdong have raised concerns about the government’s response to environmental disasters.

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