‘Dog Bone’ is a hit with fans as it’s the first dog to hit UK shores


Dog bone is one of the biggest dogs in the UK and it’s being hailed as the next big thing in British dog culture after hot dogs.

The Dog Bone brand, launched in 2016 by DogBone in partnership with British dog owner David Portillo, has since grown to be a huge hit with its loyal fans, who flock to its London branch and other shops.

“Dog bone is the future,” said Portillo.

“The dog bone industry is booming right now, and we have the perfect recipe to make it even bigger.”

The popularity of the brand is fuelled by a number of reasons.

The dog bone is so popular that there’s a number shops selling it.

The dogs have become so popular, that there are even more shops selling the product in the US.

The company has also managed to attract top dog trainer and world record holder, David Portillos, to its board, as well as the likes of Tom Petty, The Weeknd, Paul McCartney and David Guetta.

The brand’s new website also features a dog bone recipe, which can be found here.

Dog Bone Dog Bone Dogbone, dog bones and hot dogs have been around for a long time, but this latest addition is the first to hit the UK.

It’s a new trend for dog owners to buy the dog bone from dog meat traders and restaurants and then cook it for themselves.

The dog meat trade has been flourishing for decades, with dogs slaughtered at home or at the dog show being sold on the street.

But dog meat has also been sold on a global scale.

The British government recently banned dog meat imports from the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and in the past few months, Britain has also banned dog slaughter in the EU.

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