Aussie pet grooming vet says dogs don’t need to be treated like pets


A veterinary expert has said that it is common for dogs to have ticks on them that can be dangerous, and should be treated as pets.

Aussie pet groomer and pet-sharer Lisa Smith-Smith says she has seen dogs with the condition at the end of their life.

“When they die, they are usually very tender, and when they are still alive they are very aggressive,” Ms Smith-Scott said.

“So you would think they would be treated that way.”

Ms Smith-Shepherd said she would often treat them like a pet, giving them a gentle caress.

Ms Smith said it is also a common cause for problems with arthritis in the joints. “

“And they’d say, oh yes, yes, you’re all right,” Ms Scott said.

Ms Smith said it is also a common cause for problems with arthritis in the joints.

Ms Smith says it is not unusual for dogs that have the condition to have pain around their joints, and that some dogs may even have arthritis in their back and neck.”

They have some of the joints that they’ve got that are very soft, but you can have those joints that have arthritis and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Ms Walker said.

She said dogs with ticks can often be found under blankets and blankets can cause problems.

Some people have been using an electric tick trap, which is designed to capture the ticks before they reach their owners.

A spokesman for the Australian Veterinary Association said it does not recommend using an electrical tick trap.

Mr Walker said the condition could cause problems for people with asthma.”

If you’re having problems breathing, that could be a problem,” he said.

The ABC contacted the Victorian Government for comment, but they have yet to respond.

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