How to be an asshole in a dog’s world

A dog’s owner will always get the short end of the stick.But with hot dogs becoming a hot item on the menu, some dog owners are finding that they can still make it work.article A hot dog is a hot dog, right?And that’s pretty much it, right??Well, according to a study by the National Association

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How to get rid of fleas on cats

What you need to know about fleas.1.They are easy to catch2.They can be aggressive, and you can get bitten or scratched3.They don’t spread disease and can be picked up from a cat.4.They do not transmit disease, but they are not recommended as pets.5.If you have a pet with fleas, you should avoid contact with the


Dog Run: The new breed of dog groomers

In the past, dogs had to get into the ring with people in order to get the grooming treatment.Now, they can walk into a shop and get it done.This is a big step forward for the dog groomer and his customer.The latest technology means that a dog can be trained to do almost anything the


How to avoid dog nail trim on a hot day

You can cut a dog’s nails using a nail polish remover.And you can even get the dog nail remover without touching a dog.A video posted on YouTube by dog nail trimmers and trimmers shows the procedure in action.The dogs’ nails are trimmed using a pair of scissors.The dogs are then held on their hind legs