Which breeds are most popular in Britain?

Dog breeds have been a key feature of British life for thousands of years.As the last of the dog breeds to be adopted by the British government, their numbers have dwindled over the years and are still in the minority.Now, a new book from dog expert Brittany Dog argues that dogs are increasingly popular as


Why the Dutch are the world’s most dog lovers

Dutch people are known for their love of dog food, and it’s no secret that the country’s dog owners have been a staple of Dutch culture for centuries.And with a thriving pet-food industry, it’s only natural that they would love the latest breed of dog-friendly food.“The Dutch are one of the most dog-lover countries in


How to recognize a Prairie Dog breed

A Prairie Dog can be one of the most distinctive dogs on the planet.It has a long, pointed beak and long muzzle, and it’s incredibly docile and affectionate.But for all its beauty, it’s also a dog that’s dangerous.A Prairie dog is not a dog to be trifled with.A dangerous dog can cause serious bodily injury,

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Dog-Friendly Homes: A Guide to Dog Friendly Homes

By Dan TannenbaumDog-friendly homes and neighborhoods are a great place to live and raise a family.But they’re also great places to learn more about dog behavior, especially if you’re looking for a dog-friendly neighborhood to call home.Learn the dog-friendliness of your neighborhood, as well as some common myths about dog-loving neighborhoods.This article first appeared in


Kangal dog captured on camera in Queensland

Posted October 20, 2018 09:31:34 An aggressive dog that was captured on video and uploaded to the Internet last week has been shot and killed.The footage, shot on November 14 in Queensland, shows the Kangal Dog biting the legs of a woman as she drives down a rural road in Queensland.The video, which was captured