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Dogue de Bordeaux is a dog movie

Dogue des Bordeaus is the French version of the famous dog movie, Dog in Paris, which stars a dog named Jeanette who loves the city.(Read more: Dogue of Bordeux: The best dog movies in the world.)The film, which premiered in France in 1852, tells the story of a man named Jeanne who loves Paris and


How to recognize a dog from its owners

A dog has a lot of things in common with humans.It is a small, furry creature, with a big head, big ears, and an open mouth.Its eyes, nose, ears and tail all are the same color and are also quite distinct from each other.They are, in fact, part of the same species.However, there are many


Nutro Dog Food: What you need to know

The company, which was founded by veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Dan Ariely, has long promoted a nutritionally complete diet for dogs.The company has marketed itself as the source for nutrally balanced pet food and also claims to be the world’s leading source of nutraceuticals, including dog food that’s nutrifying and anti-inflammatory.It has a large following


When Is Your Dog Starting To Grow Wavy?

When your dog starts to grow wavy and hairy?Your dog may have a wavy coat or it may be that your dog has been groomed too much.It’s a condition called Ringworm and it can be a serious health risk.The most common symptoms of Ringworm are hair loss, hair that curls around the mouth, and the